Questions & Answers

Q: What do I need to do to produce one of these exhibits?
A: Start at Next, decide what level you might like to try for, scout possible locations for an exhibit and consider what financing options you might be able to get. After that there are other details such as finding printers and ways to mount the images.

Q: Do I pay the money to IYA/FETTU?
A: Funds are not paid to IYA2009 or FETTU, but are raised by the local organizers to pay for their own exhibitions. For any FETTU exhibit, a set of common material will be available, free of charge at These materials include free images (electronic files suitable for large-scale printing), free content for captions, and other information on the details of such an exhibition. Local organizers would then be responsible for raising the money and then producing the physical exhibits.

Q: How do I find a local printer?
A: Consider contacting organizations that produce large-scale prints in the community for other reasons. Ask for recommendations from a wide net throughout the area.  Of course, using searches such as Google and other local business directories may be a way to start.

Q: Can you send me a test file?
A: A few test file options are available at

Q: Will the image files be available in high definition? And, can I get them as separate files from the text for things like translating the text into other languages?
A: We will be posting the uncropped high-resolution images for the complete FETTU image library. The text files as source materials will also be available for creating individual exhibits, including for translation.

Q: When will images and text be ready?
A: The 100+ high res images, text files and credits are posted and ready for download ( pending a final check by the submitting parties. Please submit your registration and agreement forms to access the files as soon as the final proof is done.

Q: Can I use the files from the Liverpool exhibition?
A: Yes, the complete set of files from Liverpool is available in the Download Images section.

Q: Can I add photos that are not in your FETTU library?
A: We encourage all exhibits to add additional images as desired, including images from local, featured astrophotographers and observatories.  Please be sure to confirm the legalities of free use of the non-FETTU images.

Q: Will you have information on the amateurs' exposures/cameras?
A: Yes, we will be including details on the observations in the next round of "further information" for the web site.

Q: Can I pair up with others for translation?
A: Yes, if you are interested in collaborating on translations of the materials, please email us. We will try to put you in touch with others who have expressed a similar interest.