Download Images

THESE IMAGES ARE FOR PREVIEW PURPOSES ONLY AND MAY NOT BE USED WITHOUT AUTHORISATION FROM THE FETTU ORGANIZERS. To use the images in an exhibition, you must fill out and send the application and agreement forms.

Download a PDF Preview of the FETTU Image Collection.

Read the Introduction Panel Text.

Download the Adobe InDesign CS3.0 files for sample 4'x3' layout of single images with captions in english and spanish. The panels may be edited to replace the language or resize the images.

Image Legend
EN: Caption in English
SP: Caption in Spanish (Spanish Translation document)
FR: Caption in French
IT: Caption in Italian
GR: Caption in German
PT: Caption in Portuguese
ZIP: Download High Resolution Tiff and Caption
ID: Download InDesign template (Zip File)

Note: There are slight modifications to the translated captions.