From Earth to the Universe: Picture of the day


This image shows the galaxy cluster known as the "Bullet Cluster". This system was formed when two large groups of galaxies collided, the most energetic event known in the Universe since the Big Bang. Data from the Hubble Space Telescope and visible light telescopes on the ground show how dark matter (blue) has separated from "normal" matter in the form of hot gas (pink) detected by the Chandra X-ray Observatory. This is direct evidence that dark matter exists.

Credit: X-ray: M. Markevitch for NASA / CXC / CfA and visible light by D. Clowe for NASA / STScI; Magellan / U.Arizona and ESO.

In 2009, the "From Earth to the Universe" project brought astronomy to millions of people around the world. Take a tour of just some of the locations in a short video on the FETTU Highlights page.